About US

Welcome to SOXESSORY. Get ready to experience the difference in quality, luxury, and comfort that our fine products provide. While you may find cheap knock-offs, SOXESSORY’s high-quality, exclusive textile products are only available here.

We are one of the leading importers of luxury, top quality textiles. Our textiles are hand-selected from the finest manufacturers around the world. Unlike other companies that source cheaply manufactured products from China, we personally traveled the globe looking for the best products made from the finest materials.

Now, we are bringing those hand-selected, top quality textiles to you.

Our product range includes everyday items like pillows, bed sheets, towels, bathrobes, bath mats, apparel, socks, and more.

We promise these products will be the most comfortable and highest quality you ever own. Once you slip your feet into a pair of fine plush Turkish cotton socks, trust us, you won’t ever go back to wearing poorly made cheap cotton socks again.

At SOXESSORY, we’re on a mission to not just bring you great products but to improve your shopping experience and enhance your lifestyle with these fine, hand-sourced items. We not only stand behind the quality of our products but also behind the process in which they are made. Unlike our competitors’ products that are made in Chinese sweatshops using child labor, our products are manufactured under the highest labor and textile standards.

We also test our products to ensure their safety, making sure no harsh chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. Sadly, there are over 8,000 chemicals used in textiles that other companies, including our competitors, consider to be acceptable. We won’t stand for this! These dangerous chemicals can cause allergies, rashes, and in rare cases, even cancer. That is certainly not acceptable to us, and you deserve better.

When sourcing our products, we only deal with manufacturers that are BSCI certified. This certification serves as an international code of conduct that ensures the highest level of labor protections. BSCI certified manufacturers must adhere to strict standards ensuring workers are treated fairly and humanely. Their code of conduct establishes 11 core principles that give workers the right to a healthy and safe working environment, fair wages, decent working hours, ethical business practices, and sustainability standards. They mandate special protections to prevent worker discrimination, child labor, and servitude.

In addition to only dealing with manufacturers that meet BSCI principles, we also only select textiles that adhere to Oeko-Tex standards. Oeko-Tex’s Standard 100 is a globally recognized certification and testing system for textiles ensuring they are free of any harmful chemicals or banned substances like formaldehyde. The closer textiles are to sensitive skin, the stricter the requirements. Our products meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class I and II requirements, meaning they are safe enough for babies and toddlers, and to be worn directly on your most sensitive skin.

When shopping at SOXESSORY, you’ll soon realize the difference that high-quality products and high manufacturing standards create. We wouldn’t accept anything less for ourselves or our discerning customers. We trust that once you experience the SOXESSORY difference, you will never accept anything less either.