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January 03, 2018 4 min read

There’s nothing that can cheer you up like a photograph of a cute pet. From puppies to kittens and even farm animals, Instagram is filled with adorable pets. Celebrity pets are even becoming as famous as their celebrity owners. These Insta-famous pets have a following larger than most people. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Kate Upton, Andy Cohen, and more are obsessed with sharing their pet’s personalities with the world.

If you’re expecting to only see cute little teacup dogs, think again. These celebrity social media accounts are filled with all types of furry and feathered creatures in many different sizes. Kirstie Alley even staffs zookeepers and spends nearly $40,000 a year to take care of her pet lemurs.

Leave it to these adorable animals to prove that they can even beat people when it comes to social media fame. Some of these pets live more luxurious lives than we do. While clearly, they aren’t the ones maintaining their own accounts, their savvy celebrity parents have found many ways to share their memories with us. You might even catch an off-guard photograph of your favorite celebrity. Read more to find out the celebrity pets you need to follow on social media, and how you can try your hand at making your pet Insta-famous too.

Pet Instagram

Kate Upton’s Dog

Even though model, Kate Upton, married professional baseball player and hunk Justin Verlander, it was another male named Harley who first stole her heart. She adopted the cute boxer from a rescue center when he was just a puppy. Check out the cute photo of the two of them above. Kate and Justin’s dog, Harley, is so popular he has nearly as many followers as the model herself. Check out his Instagram page: @therealharleyupton.

Andy Cohen's Famous Pup

Bravo producer and celebrity, Andy Cohen clearly loves his puppy. Their cute photos are all over Instagram @therealwacha, and really show what the special bond better a dog and his owner is all about. Wacha was rescued from a shelter in West Virginia and is now living a much better life.

Kylie Jenner's Italian Greyhounds

Kylie Jenner is such an animal lover that she was willing to miss the American Music Awards a few years back just to be with her dog when it gave birth. Her fabulous Italian Greyhounds Norman and Bambi are working their way toward 500,000 followers on Instagram. They might even give Kylie a run for her money to rein as new social media queen. Check out her dog's account @normieandbambijenner.

Ricky Gervais’ Cat

The comedian’s cat, Ollie, seems to like a good laugh as much as his proud owner. Ricky Gervais loves to post photos of the two of them goofing around with some very clever captions. Ollie has over 35,000 followers, but unlike most other celebrity pets, he prefers Twitter. Check out his page @myleftfang.

Victoria and David Beckham’s Famous Dog

Cocker spaniel, Olive Beckham, might just be the cutest member of one stunningly beautiful family. While not the most active pet Instagram account, Olive Beckham has a lot of adorable photos with Victoria, David, and her brother, Brooklyn. Follow her @olivebeckham23.

Jennifer Garner’s Chicken

When it comes to pets, Jennifer Garner gets props in the creativity department. She has been strutting around a very lovable chicken named Regina George. The name might sound familiar, as it was the star character’s name in the movie Mean Girls.

While this feisty chicken is the only celebrity pet on the list without her own social media account, Jennifer has been keeping us up-to-date on Regina’s life through her Instagram account @jennifer.garner. Regina has gotten a lot of press lately too, and people are hoping she gets her own account soon.

Macklemore’s Insta-Famous Cat

Even though Macklemore’s cat, Cairo, has not posted much lately on Instagram, she still has a strong following on Instagram. Macklemore crediting the cat for saving his life and relationship with his wife. Follow Cairo @cairothekat

Amanda Seyfried's Shepherd

This model is obsessed with nature and has a real affinity for dogs. Her Australian Shepherd named Finn is just like his owner and has a ton of photos of him enjoying the outdoors, snow and ponds included. Amanda has said, “no animal has the same kind of place in my heart that Finn does.” Check out her lovable pet @finnsite.

Paris Hilton's Furry Friends

Last but certainly not least on this list is Paris Hilton. Her obsession with the now deceased chihuahua Tinkerbell is likely what started this pet craze on social media. She is now the proud mama to many little glamorous puppies. Follow their luxurious life together @hiltonpets.

Dog Under Blanket on Bed

Get Your Pet Photo-Ready

If this celebrity pet obsession has you wanting to show off your best animal friend, maybe it’s time you set up an account for your pet. To get started, invest in a good camera or an illuminated phone case. Then download Instagram and pick a unique handle that captures your pet’s essence.

Start with some classic pet shots that are sure to pick up social media followers. Photographs of pets cuddling under a fluffy blanket, towel, or bed sheets are always a crowd pleaser. Any funny poses using props like sunglasses are also a fan favorite. Take your favorite pet out with you wherever you go and always be ready to snap a photo. You never know when you’ll have the perfect Instagram-worthy moment together while out. We hope to check out your pet’s cute photos soon. Maybe they’ll even become famous one day.

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