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These Celebrity Pets Have More Social Media Followers Than You Do

Celebrities care for their pets just like we do. Many celebrities rescue them from shelters and give her pets lives that even people would be envious of. More and more stars are sharing their pets’ memories and personalities with us on Twitter and Instagram. These pets’ accounts are sometimes even as popular as their celebrity parents.

Check out the best celebrity pet social media accounts to follow, and find out why these adorable animals are so treasured by their famous owners. You might even see some special photos of your favorite celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Victoria Beckham, and Andy Cohen snuggling up with their pets. We’ll also give you some first steps toward creating an account for your pet too.

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Celebrity Home Trends to Embrace in the New Year

Celebrities live in some of the most lavish homes in the best locations in the world. They also can afford the most talented interior designers and architects to create some amazingly designed spaces. Check out the latest celebrity décor trends for 2018 and find out how to replicate them in your home.

While you likely won’t be buying a celebrity-style mansion anytime soon, you can still incorporate these celebrity décor trends into your home. Create memorable spaces using bold pops of color. Make an impact with a statement-ceiling or framed wall art. Place plants throughout the house or open up walls to create hybrid indoor/outdoor spaces. Consider function and comfort as well as style when purchasing furniture.

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The Weather Outside is Frightful, But This Winter Garb is Delightful

When you are not used to the frigid cold temperatures that come with winter in colder climates like the Northeastern United States, it can be challenging to learn what to wear. Layering your clothing is an important basic step to keeping warm and trapping in body heat. Learning the appropriate fabrics to select is another important method of dressing for the winter. You need fabric that will warm you up while also allowing your body to expel sweat and not trap moisture in along with the heat.

When purchasing winter attire, be sure to buy accessories that will keep your extremities covered. Newer clothing technology makes it possible to wear jackets, vests, insoles, scarves, and more with battery-powered heating elements. This advanced high-tech clothing is sure to keep you warm even in the coldest of temperatures.

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Your Wellness Resolutions for 2018

If you call BS on resolutions and think there is no way to achieve everything you set out to do at the start of the year, try to keep an open mind. Science has found that right now is the ideal time to assess the direction of your life and course correct it. This will help you live a more intentional, meaningful life.

In setting wellness goals for yourself, consider both your mind and your body. Ask yourself the tough self-reflective questions that you have been avoiding all year. The more specific the resolution the better. Take it a step further and come up with a multi-step, actionable plan for each goal as well. Celebrate the small achievements to stay motivated throughout the year.

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Why Companies are Encouraging Their Employees to Take Naps at Work

Sleep derivation world-wide is at an all-time high. As technology has allowed us to be more connected than ever. Many companies have demanded longer working hours, and expect to receive a response from employees around the clock. Adding to this crisis are the many executives who publicly claim their success is due to their early working hours. They brag about their short sleeping schedules and send an underlying message that sleep is for the weak.

Innovative companies are combating this sleep deprivation, and round-the-clock schedules by allowing their employees to take naps on-site. Many are also putting a cap on working hours. Much like NASA in the 1990s, these employers are noticing that their employees are much more productive after taking short naps.

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