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Getting Hitched? These are the Wedding Shower Gifts You Need on Your Registry

If you’ve recently gotten engaged, you know the wave of wedding planning responsibilities can hit you hard. Many brides say they are often more stressed about the side events like wedding showers than the actual big day. Whether you are having a surprise shower or planning one yourself, you still need to create a wedding registry.

To make your life easier, we’ve come up with a list of the best wedding shower gifts out there for you to add to your registry. Some are unique and trendy while others are essential and traditional. Check out the full list here.

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These Celebrity Pets Have More Social Media Followers Than You Do

Celebrities care for their pets just like we do. Many celebrities rescue them from shelters and give her pets lives that even people would be envious of. More and more stars are sharing their pets’ memories and personalities with us on Twitter and Instagram. These pets’ accounts are sometimes even as popular as their celebrity parents.

Check out the best celebrity pet social media accounts to follow, and find out why these adorable animals are so treasured by their famous owners. You might even see some special photos of your favorite celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Victoria Beckham, and Andy Cohen snuggling up with their pets. We’ll also give you some first steps toward creating an account for your pet too.

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Escape Winter and Travel to These Hot Destinations

There is something about magical about leaving the Northern Hemisphere in the dead of winter to escape to a warmer climate. While packing your swimsuit and beach towel can feel a bit odd, the moment you get to the airport, you’re bound to be hit with an overwhelming feeling of joy.

You get to miss the storms, the shoveling, the shivering, and more. Plus, plan it right and you don’t need to miss out on the holidays with family. Take advantage of those airline miles and get going. One of the best spots for trying out this strategy in South America, specifically Argentina. Its temperatures this time of year reach the high 80s and 90s due to its proximity to the equator.

While in South America, learn to tango from the locals and eat some delicious dulce de leche treats. Also, take in the Mendoza wine region for some excellent Malbec. Check out Chile and Uruguay as well on your adventure through South America.

If you’re less of a cultural explorer and more of a beach lounger, there are many warm islands that are extremely welcoming during our winter months. Consider escaping to a place known for escape, the Grand Cayman Island, or visit St. Martin / San Marteen for a two-country visit in one. If you’re up for adventure sports in a beach setting, Turks and Caicos and Maui are your best bets.

Another toasty spot to flee winter is St. Lucia. If you go, you must check out Jade Mountain Resort. Its infinity pools and rooms that are practically carved mountain-side will leave you never wanting to go back.

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Celebrities Obsessed with Bath-leisure Style

Being on the red carpet with a towel in your hair and only a bathrobe on sounds like it is a nightmare. But you don’t need to be woken up, this is no dream. What started as athleisure and style based on comfort has turned into much more. Celebrities are now taking the hygge lifestyle to the extreme, and wearing their bathrobes in public.

And not just to a casual store or local diner, they are wearing them on the red carpet and on the cover of Vogue. Leave it to Rihanna to make a trend official. She not only wore a bath towel in her hair on the cover of Vogue Paris, she actually made it look good. Enviously good.

While at first blush, this trend seems like an Ashton Kutcher-style prank, it is seriously catching on. Many trace its origins to Mariah Carey or Burberry’s 2016 runway show. Wherever it started, it’s clear bath-leisure is now a thing.

Celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian West have also been donning bath-leisure looks. Pajamas, kimonos, slippers, and more are also incorporated into this trend and has been worn by many celebrities throughout the year.

The only question is are you bold enough to go beyond your mailbox in a bathrobe and hair towel? There is something appealing about being able to rock it in attire normally reserved for the bathroom. Plus, you know you will be extra cozy doing so.

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Expert Tips for Organizing Your Linen Closet

Start 2018 off right by getting organized and clearing out your linen closet. You know, that closet you shove things in when guests arrive and right before they leave. It’s time to concur the mess and all of those missing hand towels and socks.

Not only will you be starting off the year right, we promise this is an easy job that will take away little time but leave you feeling like an HGTV star. Start by removing clutter from the floor and all of the buried treasures that you find. Once you’ve made sense of what was in the linen closet, sort everything by what needs to be thrown away, donated, and stored.

This is not the time to be sentimental. If it is damaged, toss it. Mismatched? Time to donate it. Organize everything by linen type. Keep the cloth napkins with the tablecloths, and away from the beach towels. Keep matching sets together on the shelf, and designate a hard-to-reach spot for any family quilts you might have.

Once you’ve gone through everything and carefully sorted through it. It’s time to evaluate how you can better utilize your space. Consider purchasing organization items like boxes or baskets to store smaller items in. Label everything, and go crazy with color coding if that is your thing.

And while you are at it, learn how to properly fold everything. That fitted sheet gets everyone every time. Do a YouTube search, and you will be amazed to learn that you’ve been folding those sheets wrong for years. Proper folding will help you fit everything neatly in your linen closet, so you’ll even have room to spare. This way, you’ll have nothing to hide when guests stay over in the new year.

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