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The Top Bathroom Design Trends for 2018

Renovations take time and effort, but they can also be very exciting. Before you start knocking down any walls, look here for inspiration that you can follow in your next bathroom renovation. We’ve studied the upcoming trends for 2018, and are now ready to share it with you.

Bathrooms aren’t just for nature’s business anymore, they are now spaces where you can relax and take the time to care for yourself. This shift in perspective is seen in most elements of new year’s bathroom designs.

As this wellness trend continues to evolve, more and more people are placing natural elements like wood and plants in their bathrooms. Stone bathtubs and tiles also are very popular in new bathroom renovations.

As more time is spent in the bathroom, homeowners are increasingly looking to create larger spaces. This has left many knocking down walls and even exposing their bathrooms right into outdoor space. For those not ready to commit to such a drastic change, adding mirrors, larger windows or large-scale tile can help create the impression of a wider space.

Whereas past years focused on high-tech showers, this year the focal point of the bathroom is a freestanding tub. The trend includes tubs of all shapes and sizes, mainly carved from a natural stone.

For 2018, granite is out, quartz is in. Boring white or black is out, and colorful ceramic tiles are in. If it’s been many years and you are still rocking some outdated styles, maybe it is time to seriously consider a bathroom renovation project.

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Get Inspired By These Do-It-Yourself Holiday Bath and Body Gifts

If you want to give the gift of relaxation this holiday season, consider a bath and body gift that lets your recipient indulge and spend time pampering herself. Rather than draining your budget by rushing to the mall and picking up name-brand products, get creative and make handmade products for your loved ones. Here are some of the easiest, yet most lavish and professional looking bath and body products that you can make for your friends.

We promise it will leave them in stock that these were actually a do-it-yourself project. One of the simplest bath gifts you can make is bath bombs. They are also incredibly indulgence and perfect for a relaxing, scented bath. All it takes is some Epson salt, essential oils, olive oil, and water to complete this easy DIY project.

For those you know who can’t start their day without a cup of coffee in the morning, this next project is sure to please. Create an exfoliating coffee soap that will jolt them awake in the shower. The ground coffee provides the scrubbing particles while moisturizing coffee butter softens dry skin.

You can even add your own spin to this project by adding some extras to your soap blend. Consider ingredients like hazelnut, cinnamon, or peppermint to really create a coffee soap that is customized to your gift recipient’s preferences. All we hope is that you know how they take their coffee.

Other easy DIY projects included in this article are playful bath crayons that any kid will love and an aromatic foot scrub that will leave your gift recipient with the soften feet. Read more for the full tutorials on how to make these excellent handmade bath and body gifts.

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Treat Yourself to an At-Home Pedicure for the Holidays

If you are one of many women who only get pedicures during the summer, you are seriously missing out. It’s a little-known secret that the winter is one of the best times to enjoy a relaxing pedicure and keep your feet feeling soft all year-round. Think about how great it would feel to slip your soft feet into a pair of beautiful Turkish cotton socks after a cold day outside shoveling snow.

Your well-pedicured feet will also help you seem more attractive and confident, as someone who pays attention to their grooming even when no one is watching. You can even enjoy this indulgence without spending boatloads of cash on nail appointments. Since your feet as less visible in the wintertime, you can give yourself an excellent pedicure at-home and no one will care if your polish is slightly smudged in the corner.

To begin, you need to gather the right tools. Grab a nail file, cuticle cream, pumice stone, moisturizer, clippers, a foot scrub, and some nail polish remover. Make sure you prepare your feet properly before your pedicure. Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and remove any traces of old nail polish. Then shape your nails with a nail clipper and file them into your prepared nail shape.

Then get ready to relax. Fill your bathtub with warm water and dip your feet in for about a half an hour. Use cuticle oil, pumice stone, and a file to flake off any dry skin on the bottom of your heels. If preferred, select your favorite nail polish colors, and paint away after applying a clear base coat.

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Uncover the Secrets of a Perfect Bath from a Retired Bath Butler

There is no better time to skip the shower than today. No, we’re not recommending that you practice poor hygiene, instead, we’re suggesting you relax and enjoy a long, indulgent bath. If you search today’s date, you will see it is the perfect day for doing so.

Long ago, baths were a common practice, but in more recent times as our lives are spent working more hours, fewer people find the time to take baths. Make it a point to utilize that gorgeous tub more often and linger in the bath.

To help you out, we’ve consulted with a retired bath butler who has drawn baths for celebrities and affluent members of society at the world’s top hotels. We’re lucky enough to have him share his best tips for the perfect bath.

According to our bath butler, a bath is an experience and needs to be treated as such. Focus on creating a relaxing environment with dim lighting and lots of aromatic candles. Fill the background with meditative, classical, or slow music that incorporates wind or string instruments. This will add to the Zen-like vibe.

Before you get into the tub, make sure it’s been properly prepped and is completely clean. Use natural lemon and salt to clean your tub, suggests the bath butler. He explains that this will prevent any possible allergic reactions or irritations that are a result of using harsh cleaning products.

Stock up on the essential bath products like plush bathrobes, comfy bath mats, natural loofahs, bath salts, soaps, and scented body wash. Indulge in some treats like fresh fruit and champagne while enjoying your bath, and bring your favorite reading material along too.

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The Ultimate Holiday Wellness Wish List

Holiday shopping can be difficult. You want to give a thoughtful gift but that can be particularly hard with the limited available time you have during the holiday season. If you know someone who wakes up at the crack of dawn, or someone who takes pride in their health, we have some perfect wellness gift ideas to help you through this shopping challenge.

This year, many people are putting health and wellness gifts on their wish lists. Even more, are asking for activities or event as gifts rather than tangible items. This makes spa visits and fitness classes excellent wellness gifts that your gift recipient is sure to enjoy. For someone struggling with weight loss, a personal training experience is another wonderful wellness gift.

Gift subscriptions to healthy food services are another popular wellness gift option. If your friend is more of a hands-on type, consider gifting a well-known healthy cookbook with lots of exciting recipe options. Fitness gear, tech, and accessories are also great gifts for the health-nut you know.

Of course, wellness incorporates the entire mind and body, so it is more than just fitness. Sleep, comfort, and relaxation are also major wellness gift themes. Get creative and put together a special gift wellness gift basket this holiday. Stuff it with thick socks, a colorful towel, scented candles, and a luxe bathrobe.

Also, consider gifting your friend a perfect night’s sleep with a new set of bed sheets, an eye mask, lavender essential oils, and more. Other gift ideas include a subscription to a health magazine or a detox cleanse diet.

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