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Why bamboo socks
People sometimes wonder why those who try our bamboo socks often refuse to wear anything else but our great bamboo socks afterwards. There are many reasons why people fall in love with our bamboo socks, not least because they are genuinely better...

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10 Gifts We'd Give Jessica Alba for the Birth of Her New Son

Celebrity, super mom, and entrepreneur, Jessica Alba, just gave birth to a new baby boy. Born on New Year’s Eve, Hayes Alba Warren is Jessica’s third child. Cash Warren and Jessica Alba are already parents to two daughters: Honor and Haven. In celebration of their newborn son, we put together a list of the 10 best gifts for moms and their babies.

These are the gifts we’d give Jessica Alba, but they are fit for any new mom and her child. We’ve covered the basics like cozy socks, bathrobes, and monogrammed blankets. As well as the must-have stroller and bassinet that is celebrity-mom approved. Check out the full list to see all of our gift suggestions.

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The Weather Outside is Frightful, But This Winter Garb is Delightful

When you are not used to the frigid cold temperatures that come with winter in colder climates like the Northeastern United States, it can be challenging to learn what to wear. Layering your clothing is an important basic step to keeping warm and trapping in body heat. Learning the appropriate fabrics to select is another important method of dressing for the winter. You need fabric that will warm you up while also allowing your body to expel sweat and not trap moisture in along with the heat.

When purchasing winter attire, be sure to buy accessories that will keep your extremities covered. Newer clothing technology makes it possible to wear jackets, vests, insoles, scarves, and more with battery-powered heating elements. This advanced high-tech clothing is sure to keep you warm even in the coldest of temperatures.

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Tips for Getting the Perfect Night's Sleep

Having a blissful sleep requires easing your mind and body into a state of relaxation. In order to do this, you need to make your bedroom a space intended for a blissful sleep. Ensure that your room is dark and cool. Carefully, select the right bed sheets, pillows, and mattresses. Keep pets and other distractions out of the room as well.

Get your body prepared for sleep by slipping into the most comfortable pajamas and cozy socks. Keeping your extremities warm will lull you to sleep quicker. Also, stop eating, drinking caffeine, and exercising by the afternoon to start unwinding. Try to maintain a strict sleeping schedule for a better sleep.

Putting your mind to rest early will also help you sleep. Process your day in the early evening before entering the bedroom. Use essential oils and practices like meditation or yoga to keep your mind calm. These tips will ensure a perfect night’s sleep.

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Celebrity-Approved Embellished Socks Are the New Hot Accessory

It used to be considered a fashion faux pas to wear your socks with sandals. It was a look reserved for embarrassing fathers or those who didn’t care about being stylish. Lately, though, celebrities seem to have waved their magic wands and deemed this now a fashionable look.

Celebrities like Rihanna have been spotted all over town wearing their socks with heels and sandals. Socks now come in brand new options that were never available before. You can buy socks with sequins, ribbons, lace, bows, and more. Designers are even sending models down the runways wearing socks, and many merchants report their sales of socks doubling from last year’s sales.

On the red carpet at Cannes, Kylie Jenner wore a pair of gold Jimmy Choo heels with semi-sheer anklet socks. Even Beyoncé has been spotted wearing embellished socks this season, as well as other celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Selena Gomez, and Suki Waterhouse.

The trend most likely started with the sock boot that was made popular from designer Stuart Weitzman and Kanye West’s footwear and clothing line, Yeezy. Rihanna took this trend up a notch recently when she posted a picture of herself wearing crystal-encrusted Gucci socks worth quite a pretty penny. Many fans loved the look.

If you can’t wait to rock this season’s hot accessory, consider a more affordable, cotton sock option that can be paired with metallic sandals, or even embellished by hand. Create your own elegant socks by adding lace, ribbon, or sequins to a pair of cotton socks. This will leave you looking stylish while also feeling comfortable.

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