Unbelievable Celebrity Homes that You Can Rent

Unbelievable Celebrity Homes that You Can Rent

January 04, 2018 4 min read 0 Comments

Imagine being under your bed sheets at night knowing that you are sleeping in the same room that one of your favorite celebrities slept in as well. How about swimming in a pool that once hosted some of Hollywood’s hottest stars during its golden age? For those who have the funds, this can all be a reality.

There are several luxurious celebrity homes that have hit the rental market this year. Find out which of your favorite celebrities are renting their properties. Scope them out and either gain more imagery for your fantasy or rent them and live out your dreams.

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These Celebrity Pets Have More Social Media Followers Than You Do

These Celebrity Pets Have More Social Media Followers Than You Do

January 03, 2018 4 min read 0 Comments

Celebrities care for their pets just like we do. Many celebrities rescue them from shelters and give her pets lives that even people would be envious of. More and more stars are sharing their pets’ memories and personalities with us on Twitter and Instagram. These pets’ accounts are sometimes even as popular as their celebrity parents.

Check out the best celebrity pet social media accounts to follow, and find out why these adorable animals are so treasured by their famous owners. You might even see some special photos of your favorite celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Victoria Beckham, and Andy Cohen snuggling up with their pets. We’ll also give you some first steps toward creating an account for your pet too.

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Why Companies are Encouraging Their Employees to Take Naps at Work

Why Companies are Encouraging Their Employees to Take Naps at Work

December 26, 2017 4 min read 0 Comments

Sleep derivation world-wide is at an all-time high. As technology has allowed us to be more connected than ever. Many companies have demanded longer working hours, and expect to receive a response from employees around the clock. Adding to this crisis are the many executives who publicly claim their success is due to their early working hours. They brag about their short sleeping schedules and send an underlying message that sleep is for the weak.

Innovative companies are combating this sleep deprivation, and round-the-clock schedules by allowing their employees to take naps on-site. Many are also putting a cap on working hours. Much like NASA in the 1990s, these employers are noticing that their employees are much more productive after taking short naps.

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The Top Bathroom Design Trends for 2018

The Top Bathroom Design Trends for 2018

December 22, 2017 3 min read 0 Comments

Renovations take time and effort, but they can also be very exciting. Before you start knocking down any walls, look here for inspiration that you can follow in your next bathroom renovation. We’ve studied the upcoming trends for 2018, and are now ready to share it with you.

Bathrooms aren’t just for nature’s business anymore, they are now spaces where you can relax and take the time to care for yourself. This shift in perspective is seen in most elements of new year’s bathroom designs.

As this wellness trend continues to evolve, more and more people are placing natural elements like wood and plants in their bathrooms. Stone bathtubs and tiles also are very popular in new bathroom renovations.

As more time is spent in the bathroom, homeowners are increasingly looking to create larger spaces. This has left many knocking down walls and even exposing their bathrooms right into outdoor space. For those not ready to commit to such a drastic change, adding mirrors, larger windows or large-scale tile can help create the impression of a wider space.

Whereas past years focused on high-tech showers, this year the focal point of the bathroom is a freestanding tub. The trend includes tubs of all shapes and sizes, mainly carved from a natural stone.

For 2018, granite is out, quartz is in. Boring white or black is out, and colorful ceramic tiles are in. If it’s been many years and you are still rocking some outdated styles, maybe it is time to seriously consider a bathroom renovation project.

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Celebrity-Approved Embellished Socks Are the New Hot Accessory

Celebrity-Approved Embellished Socks Are the New Hot Accessory

December 12, 2017 3 min read 0 Comments

It used to be considered a fashion faux pas to wear your socks with sandals. It was a look reserved for embarrassing fathers or those who didn’t care about being stylish. Lately, though, celebrities seem to have waved their magic wands and deemed this now a fashionable look.

Celebrities like Rihanna have been spotted all over town wearing their socks with heels and sandals. Socks now come in brand new options that were never available before. You can buy socks with sequins, ribbons, lace, bows, and more. Designers are even sending models down the runways wearing socks, and many merchants report their sales of socks doubling from last year’s sales.

On the red carpet at Cannes, Kylie Jenner wore a pair of gold Jimmy Choo heels with semi-sheer anklet socks. Even Beyoncé has been spotted wearing embellished socks this season, as well as other celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Selena Gomez, and Suki Waterhouse.

The trend most likely started with the sock boot that was made popular from designer Stuart Weitzman and Kanye West’s footwear and clothing line, Yeezy. Rihanna took this trend up a notch recently when she posted a picture of herself wearing crystal-encrusted Gucci socks worth quite a pretty penny. Many fans loved the look.

If you can’t wait to rock this season’s hot accessory, consider a more affordable, cotton sock option that can be paired with metallic sandals, or even embellished by hand. Create your own elegant socks by adding lace, ribbon, or sequins to a pair of cotton socks. This will leave you looking stylish while also feeling comfortable.

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Did You Know Your Clothing Could Be Toxic?

Did You Know Your Clothing Could Be Toxic?

December 11, 2017 4 min read 0 Comments

Most consumers do not realize that the clothing industry is not overseen by a government agency like foods or drugs. This leaves the trillion-dollar clothing industry open to unscrupulous practices, particularly when clothing is manufactured abroad. A little-known fact is that there are over 8,000 synthetic chemicals used in the industry that contain toxins and are perfectly accepted by the majority of companies.

Most of this toxic clothing is produced in China with pesticides and other chemicals that have been proven to harm your health. Sadly, as clothing technology advances, the use of chemical processes in clothes increases. It is more important than ever that consumer stay educated on how and where their clothes are being manufactured.

Clothing comes into daily contact with our body’s largest organ: skin. When toxins are present, they are absorbed into our skin cells and into our body’s lymphatic system, which then leads to the liver. Each day, our skin works hard to remove these harmful chemicals, expelling nearly one pound of toxins daily.

Some of the most toxic clothes are made of nylon, polyester, and other synthetic fabrics that make it difficult for our skin to breathe. The worst offenders are those that promise wrinkle-free, stain-free, anti-static and anti-stain fabrics. These fabrics are harmful no matter whether they are used in apparel, linens, bed sheets, or towels.

This is usually due to their high content of formaldehyde. Some Chinese companies even place false FDA-labels on clothing. It is important for consumers to be vigilant and not fall for such phony clothing labels.

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Recent Scientific Discovery Reveals the Importance of Changing Your Bed Sheets Regularly

Recent Scientific Discovery Reveals the Importance of Changing Your Bed Sheets Regularly

December 07, 2017 4 min read 0 Comments

The truth is no one likes changing their sheets, it’s one of the most boring chores there is. Because of this many people end up putting this task on the bottom of their to-do list and it often keeps getting carried over into the next day. Before you know it, it’s been a month and the bed sheets really need to be changed.

A recent study by an NYU-based microbiologist named Philip Tierno is now showing just how important it is to change your bed sheets frequently. He says that if they go unchanged for too long, bacteria festers and formed a funky “botanical park.” Changing your bed sheets is now not just part of maintaining a good household, it is also an important part of maintaining proper health.

Tierno explains that even when it is cool outside, people sweat while they sleep. It is this natural process that adds humidity to the bed and makes it an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. On average, most beds contain about 17 varieties of fungus. Add shedding skin, dust mites, and bugs so tiny they can’t be seen with a human eye to this equation, and you can see what Tierno is talking about when he says botanical park.

These microbes are what cause you to have allergic reactions while in bed, and lead to sneezing and trouble breathing at night. Tierno says this is due to the proximity of your mouth and nose to your bed sheets. Wounds can even become infected from some of these microbes.

Luckily, the solution is an easy one. Change your bed sheets every week or sooner. Keep several different bed sheets on-hand as well so you are not inconvenienced when one set is in the hamper waiting to be laundered.

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