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Unbelievable Celebrity Homes that You Can Rent

Imagine being under your bed sheets at night knowing that you are sleeping in the same room that one of your favorite celebrities slept in as well. How about swimming in a pool that once hosted some of Hollywood’s hottest stars during its golden age? For those who have the funds, this can all be a reality.

There are several luxurious celebrity homes that have hit the rental market this year. Find out which of your favorite celebrities are renting their properties. Scope them out and either gain more imagery for your fantasy or rent them and live out your dreams.

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Celebrity Home Trends to Embrace in the New Year

Celebrities live in some of the most lavish homes in the best locations in the world. They also can afford the most talented interior designers and architects to create some amazingly designed spaces. Check out the latest celebrity décor trends for 2018 and find out how to replicate them in your home.

While you likely won’t be buying a celebrity-style mansion anytime soon, you can still incorporate these celebrity décor trends into your home. Create memorable spaces using bold pops of color. Make an impact with a statement-ceiling or framed wall art. Place plants throughout the house or open up walls to create hybrid indoor/outdoor spaces. Consider function and comfort as well as style when purchasing furniture.

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Tips for Getting the Perfect Night's Sleep

Having a blissful sleep requires easing your mind and body into a state of relaxation. In order to do this, you need to make your bedroom a space intended for a blissful sleep. Ensure that your room is dark and cool. Carefully, select the right bed sheets, pillows, and mattresses. Keep pets and other distractions out of the room as well.

Get your body prepared for sleep by slipping into the most comfortable pajamas and cozy socks. Keeping your extremities warm will lull you to sleep quicker. Also, stop eating, drinking caffeine, and exercising by the afternoon to start unwinding. Try to maintain a strict sleeping schedule for a better sleep.

Putting your mind to rest early will also help you sleep. Process your day in the early evening before entering the bedroom. Use essential oils and practices like meditation or yoga to keep your mind calm. These tips will ensure a perfect night’s sleep.

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The Top Bathroom Design Trends for 2018

Renovations take time and effort, but they can also be very exciting. Before you start knocking down any walls, look here for inspiration that you can follow in your next bathroom renovation. We’ve studied the upcoming trends for 2018, and are now ready to share it with you.

Bathrooms aren’t just for nature’s business anymore, they are now spaces where you can relax and take the time to care for yourself. This shift in perspective is seen in most elements of new year’s bathroom designs.

As this wellness trend continues to evolve, more and more people are placing natural elements like wood and plants in their bathrooms. Stone bathtubs and tiles also are very popular in new bathroom renovations.

As more time is spent in the bathroom, homeowners are increasingly looking to create larger spaces. This has left many knocking down walls and even exposing their bathrooms right into outdoor space. For those not ready to commit to such a drastic change, adding mirrors, larger windows or large-scale tile can help create the impression of a wider space.

Whereas past years focused on high-tech showers, this year the focal point of the bathroom is a freestanding tub. The trend includes tubs of all shapes and sizes, mainly carved from a natural stone.

For 2018, granite is out, quartz is in. Boring white or black is out, and colorful ceramic tiles are in. If it’s been many years and you are still rocking some outdated styles, maybe it is time to seriously consider a bathroom renovation project.

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The Perfect Host and Hostess Gifts to Show Gratitude as a Guest

There are many traditions that died on the internet. Host and hostess gifts are not one of them. Especially during the holidays, if you are invited into someone else’s home, it is polite to come prepared with a gift. If you want to ever be invited back this is guest etiquette 101.

Giving a gift does not excuse you from acting appropriately either. Always pepper your language with lots of “please” and thank you,” and let your host or hostess know that you appreciate all of their efforts. A small amount of gratitude will always go a long way.

Since the holidays are the season when you are spending money like mad, please make sure you set a gift budget and stick to it. For a more personal gift consider something handmade. Photographs of your favorite memories or a mixed playlist are easy to host gifts.

If attending a dinner, consider bringing along a food and drink basket as a host or hostess gift. Just don’t demand that the host open your gift in front of the other guests. Leave that up to them to decide.

Also, don’t fall into the trap of buying them something that you actually want yourself. This is always in poor taste. Please don’t be the guy who gives the vegan a big bag of deli meat sandwiches. Home décor is usually a safe bet when it comes to host and hostess gifts. A luxury throw blanket or cozy bathrobe are other gifts that never go out of style and are the perfect thank you for an overnight stay.

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