The Essential Guide to Removing Tough Stains

The Essential Guide to Removing Tough Stains

December 13, 2017 4 min read 0 Comments

You’re at dinner and someone spills red wine on your dress. Unfortunately, this is a scene that happens all too often. Unless you live your life as a recluse, stains are a common occurrence. To help you the next time this uncomfortable situation arises, we’ve put together this handy guide to teach you how to remove the toughest stains from many different types of fabric.

The first rule of stain removal is to treat it right away. The sooner you dilute the stain, the more likely it is that the stain will not be permanent. Quickly, blot the area and treat a small spot first to make sure you aren’t accidentally causing color damage to the fabric. When dealing with delicate fabrics, it is extremely important that you do not rub, this will only further embed the stain into your clothing.

Be sure to check your clothes’ tag for any special instructions to make sure you do not damage your clothing. Purchase a stain removal pen or wipes and throw them in your handbag or car, so you always have a quick method for pretreating a stain while out of the house. Pre-treat carpets, upholstery, and bath mats with a stain resistant spray that will coat your fabric to help prevent any future stains that arise.

Rather than reviewing all of the possible stains you can get, we’ve identified the four main types of stains. These include oil and grease stains, organic stains, tannin stains like red wine, and stains caused by dyes like pen ink. Nearly all of the best stain removal tactics require pre-soaking your clothing with either stain remover or dishwashing soap. Oxy-clean is another powerful stain remover. Read more to learn the specific methods for removing each of these different types of stains.

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Uncover the Secrets of a Perfect Bath from a Retired Bath Butler

Uncover the Secrets of a Perfect Bath from a Retired Bath Butler

December 05, 2017 4 min read 0 Comments

There is no better time to skip the shower than today. No, we’re not recommending that you practice poor hygiene, instead, we’re suggesting you relax and enjoy a long, indulgent bath. If you search today’s date, you will see it is the perfect day for doing so.

Long ago, baths were a common practice, but in more recent times as our lives are spent working more hours, fewer people find the time to take baths. Make it a point to utilize that gorgeous tub more often and linger in the bath.

To help you out, we’ve consulted with a retired bath butler who has drawn baths for celebrities and affluent members of society at the world’s top hotels. We’re lucky enough to have him share his best tips for the perfect bath.

According to our bath butler, a bath is an experience and needs to be treated as such. Focus on creating a relaxing environment with dim lighting and lots of aromatic candles. Fill the background with meditative, classical, or slow music that incorporates wind or string instruments. This will add to the Zen-like vibe.

Before you get into the tub, make sure it’s been properly prepped and is completely clean. Use natural lemon and salt to clean your tub, suggests the bath butler. He explains that this will prevent any possible allergic reactions or irritations that are a result of using harsh cleaning products.

Stock up on the essential bath products like plush bathrobes, comfy bath mats, natural loofahs, bath salts, soaps, and scented body wash. Indulge in some treats like fresh fruit and champagne while enjoying your bath, and bring your favorite reading material along too.

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How to Make Your Guests Feel At Home This Holiday Season

How to Make Your Guests Feel At Home This Holiday Season

December 04, 2017 4 min read 0 Comments

Spending time with family and friends is one of the greatest joys of the holiday season. If you are a homeowner with room to spare, it is likely that you will be hosting house guests this time of year. Make them feel extra special and welcomed into your home with these helpful suggestions.

It’s a great idea to think about your own experiences in someone else’s home or at a hotel. What stood out to you in those overwhelming positive stays? Often it is the small details like a handwritten note or a freshly baked cookie that are most memorable. Impress your house guests this holiday by putting in a little extra effort on those small, well-remembered details.

For starters, you want your guests to have a good sleep. To ensure this, purchase quality bed sheets in a high-end fabric like Egyptian cotton, and be sure to match the design and color to the guest bedroom’s theme.

Handwrite a note with essential details for your house guest, like your internet password, local restaurants, stores, places of worship, and any other local spots they might be interested in. If you have any social functions going on when they are staying with you, let them know they are welcomed to join you but shouldn’t feel obligated to do so.

Put together a toiletries basket in the bathroom and fill it with commonly-used bathroom items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, makeup removes, and more. Leave instructions on where to leave dirty clothes and hang bathrobes in their room that they can use to lounge around. Your guests are certain to appreciate your care and attention to detail so they feel welcomed in your home.

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Tips to Turn your Bathroom into a Spa-Like Oasis

Tips to Turn your Bathroom into a Spa-Like Oasis

November 29, 2017 4 min read 0 Comments

If you’re like most women, the spa is a place you wish you could enjoy more often. This is because of how a spa makes you feel: relaxed and calm. This calming spa environment doesn’t occur by accident, it is a space that is intentionally designed with your peace and comfort in mind.

We are going to reveal tips for turning your at-home bathroom into a Zen spa-like oasis. This will not only help put money back into your pocket as you indulge at-home rather than at an expensive spa, but it will also add more value to your home.

None of these tips require hiring any contractors or performing major renovations. You would be surprised what a major impact the small details can have. To begin, start organizing your space. Remove cluttered items from counter tops and look for better storage solutions.

Purchase apothecary-style containers that many spas use, pretty wicker baskets, and glass jars. Place cotton balls, q-tips, and small toiletries inside. Place fluffy hand and bath towels into the baskets for easy access. Look for ones that match your new décor.

Consider replacing your shower head with a massaging or wider one that boosts water pressure for a more indulgent shower. Think about what makes you comfortable and make changes that suit those needs, like replacing an old bathmat with a cushioned, microfiber one. Bring natural elements like plants or aromatic flowers into your bathroom. Place lots of low-light candles around the bathroom to add to this relaxing feel.

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