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January 01, 2018 4 min read

If you remember the days of MTV Cribs or follow celebrity news, you know celebrity homes leave you wishing you could trade lives with them. Not only do celebrities grab prime real estate in the world’s hottest locations, they also know how to turn their homes into true havens with the perfect decor. After many press junkets, their homes are the one place they can really escape from the world. This is their space to relax and enjoy their luxe lives, and boy does it show.

It’s clear that extravagant homes are one of the perks of being a celebrity. Kylie Jenner is only in her twenties, yet she owns three mansions. Her sister Kendall, also owns multiple properties, though she prefers million-dollar condos. Hills star, Whitney Port also owns a million-dollar home and shows us the essence of SoCal style. When it comes to home décor, celebrities are granted an all-access pass to the most talented names in the business.

So, while you can’t actually trade lives with these celebrities, you can definitely look to them for the latest home décor trends. Find out the best home design that money and unlimited access can buy. We’ve scoured Trulia, Zillow, and celebrity real estate news, to find the hottest celebrity home trends for the new year. Whether you’re dreaming of a beach home in Malibu or a sprawling lodge in Aspen, these are the trends that you can replicate in your home this year.

All White is Out in 2018

Get ready to make your home a whole lot more interesting in the new year. While white and minimalism are still being embraced in home décor, plain white walls are out for 2018. This year it is all about color. Celebrities like Andy Cohen and Christina el Moussa have embraced this trend in their homes. Both prefer bedrooms with darker neutrals like gray, or wallpaper with a contemporary pattern on it.

Color gives you an opportunity to wow house guests and creates memorable experiences. Playing with unique bolder shades is a great way to liven up a room. Consider painting your walls a bold color, adding an accent color with throw pillows, or swapping out drapes for a brighter shade. In addition to these bold, bright colors, lavender and Tiffany blue are expected to be preferred hues in 2018.

room with unique ceiling

Make a Statement with Bold Ceilings, Wall Art, and Patterns

Many celebrities are also featuring a lot of framed wall art, and fans are taking notice. This year searches on Pinterest for wall art was up over 600% compared to last year. Whitney Port is one celebrity who is a fan of this style. Her designer home is big on personal touches like this and features a reading nook filled with small framed wall art as its focal point.

Another trend that her home features are a vaulted ceiling, along with a mix of textures. Celebrities are encouraging their guests to look up this year, and many have installed statement ceilings in colorful paints, luxurious textures, and patterned wallpaper in their homes. Amanda Seyfried’s Catskills retreat home features this style with a rustic wooden exposed beam ceiling. Johnny Depp’s recently sold L.A. penthouse was up on this trend with exposed ceiling pipes.

Follow this celebrity trend and incorporate more patterns, prints, wall art, statement ceilings, and bold colors into your home décor. The more unique and memorable, the more on trend it is for 2018. This year, you can’t go wrong with walls and ceilings that really show off your unique personality.

Create a Comfortable Oasis in Your Home

The hygge trend of comfort is only going to increase this year. This has impacted celebrity home trends. While celebrities love extravagance, this year, they are focusing heavily not only on style but functionality and comfort too. Always on-trend, Kourtney Kardashian prides herself on making her home a comfortable spot for guests. She always makes it a point to have fresh robes, towels, blankets, and interesting coffee-table books out for her friends when they visit.

This comfort-focused trend has also inspired a change in furniture as well. Many more single-cushion couches are appearing in celebrity homes. This is due to their easy sleekness that epitomizes the style of modern comfort. Actress Jennifer Connelly embraces this style in her mansion with a luxurious velvet sofa with a single-cushion.

Blend Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

As part of this trend, many celebrities are knocking down walls and creating open, hybrid spaces. Unused formal dining rooms are being opened up and turned into quiet sanctuaries with reading nooks or full libraries. Bathrooms are being combined with outdoor space to create a resort spa-inspired oasis. Tobey Maguire’s California residence incorporates both trends with a hybrid lounge and library room, as well as several indoor/outdoor spaces that have replaced walls with sliding glass doors.

indoor and outdoor space

This has even led to traditionally indoor fabrics like velvet and chenille being used in more durable outdoor furniture. Not only is this improving exterior design, it is also inspiring some to drag these outdoor pieces into high traffic areas in the home. This is because of how easy these newer fabrics are to clean, while still maintaining their effortless chic design.

Breathing easy is an undeniable part of comfort. One of the most common themes you’ll find in both the interior and exterior of celebrities’ homes are well-maintained flowers and plants. Everyone from Bruce Willis to Rihanna’s home is up on this trend. This year add some foliage indoors to stay on trend. Houseplants are especially encouraged in the bedroom and bathroom to add a more natural, comfortable feel.

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