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December 19, 2017 3 min read

Lately, celebrities are wearing more and more comfortable, casual clothes each day. In our recent post about trending, fashionable socks we began exploring this new phenomenon. Maybe it’s due to the trend of hygge promoting a more relaxed, meditative lifestyle, or maybe it’s a silent revolt against figuring out what to wear in the mornings. Whatever the reasoning behind it, it’s clear this casual trend is only growing.

What started out with athleisure wear evolved into a lingerie-as-clothing trend, then an “it’s ok to wear pajamas out now” trend, and finally the latest bath-leisure style. The furthest a bathrobe-clad person used to venture out would be to their mailbox, but times they are a-changing.

What is Bath-leisure?

Now celebrities are turning towels and bathrobes into the latest fashionable apparel. Countless celebs are even donning bathrobes and towels on the red carpet. This trend is catching on so ferociously that it was even featured on the cover of Vogue Paris.

At first, it might seem laughable, but then the appeal of actually being able to walk out with bad hair covered up by a towel, slippers, and cozy terry cloth robe kicks in. Depending who you ask, this is either the worst nightmare or a dream come true.

The trend’s origins trace back to the MTV days when Mariah Carey pranced around her crib wearing a bathrobe-inspired, terry cloth outfit and also to the also bathrobe-inspired dressing coat featured on Burberry’s fall 2016 runway. Bath-leisure incorporates a luxe and comfortable look often resigned to the boudoir or bath that is now available for public consumption.

The look has certainly caught on with celebrities like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian West, Gigi Hadid, and more rocking their finest bath-leisure looks. Whether it’s towels, robes, pajamas, lingerie, kimonos, or slippers, it is all a part of this growing fashion trend.

Fashion Star: Rihanna

Rihanna the Trendsetter

Social media has crowned Rihanna the queen of all trends, and this year, in particular, it certainly seems true. Take something old, odd, or straight up ugly, and with a wave of Rihanna’s magic wand of approval, it is transformed into the most fashionable trend.

Bath-leisure is no different, it didn’t become a viral sensation until Rihanna appeared on Vogue Paris’ October cover wearing a towel. Now because this is Rihanna, this was no ordinary bath wear. Rihanna sirened some serious Hollywood glamour in a colorful Emilio Pucci spring 2018 collection towel effortlessly wrapped around her head and a feathered yellow get-up.

Her look was so on point, it made you wish you looked that good just getting out of the shower. It also sent a clear message that high fashion is whatever Rihanna says it is, and right now bath-leisure is it.

Rita Ora and Other Celebrities Making It Okay to Wear a Hair Towel Out in Public

If anyone is vying to take over as fashion queen this year, it is Rita Ora. She too has been rocking bath-leisure style in a bold way. Recently, she attended the MTV Europe Music Awards red carpet wearing nothing other than a white terry cloth bathrobe and towel.

Taylor Swift is also up on this trend incorporating a lengthy bathtub and diamonds scene in her “Look What You Made Me Do” video. South Korean star CL also is obsessed with bath-leisure and wore a bathrobe to the CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund awards last month. Countless other celebrities have gone out in nothing more than fancy pajama tops and bottoms: Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, Jessica Alba, Zendaya, and Selena Gomez.

Wearing a robe outside

Is This Trend for You?

Just as couture attire is often adjusted and muted to be fit for average customers, trends can inspire more toned down versions of styles for the mainstream. While wearing a full white terry cloth robe and a towel wrapped around your head might work for Rita Ora, many of us would be too scared to do so in public. Consider, however, wearing a terry cloth dressing coat or luxe pajama pants instead as part of this bath-leisure trend.

If you are a true trendsetter and think if Rihanna can do it, so can I. Then go ahead and boldly wear your robe and towel in public. The only request we have is that you don’t wear an old, smelly robe that has been buried in the back of your linen closet.

Instead get yourself a fabulous bathrobe like the type you would find in a luxury hotel room. Look for a plush 100% Egyptian cotton bathrobe or a luxurious waffle weave robe. If you want to steal Rita Ora’s style find one with a shawl-style collar and front pockets that cinches at the waist. Help set the bath-leisure trend or turning the robe into attire rather than a piece you wear at-home or in between dressing.

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