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December 28, 2017 4 min read

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere and ventured outside today, you were probably met with the bitter cold upon your nose. Temperatures throughout the Northeastern United States are reaching below freezing lately. The wind only compounds this chilly effect, leaving you shivering in the cold breeze.

If you recently moved, and are from warmer climates, you likely are not used to such chilly weather. Places like Southern California have much more mild winters, so moving to a colder climate can be extremely jarring. Spend a few days out in the cold weather and it will not take you long to figure out that you must prepare properly for the winter in colder climates by dressing appropriately.

While the weather outside may be frightful, you don’t have to suffer in the cold. Or worse, stay indoors like a hermit. Instead, we’re going to share our tricks for keeping warm in frigid cold weather. If you don’t already have a winter wardrobe to get you through the low temperatures and the winter storms, do not worry.

We’ve put together a great list of the best clothes, including many with heating technology, to help you stay delightfully warm and stylish this winter season. So, stop staying inside with your thermostat cracked up to the maximum temperature. Venture outside bundled up in these toasty and fashionable winter clothes and accessories.

Dressing for Winter is All About Layering

If you are going to survive a freezing winter in a colder climate like the Northeastern United States, then you need to learn how to best dress in layers. The best thing you can do to keep yourself warm is to establish a base layer of clothing. Wear this layer like you would a second set of skin when venturing outdoors.

The best base layer apparel items are thermals. Some people call them long-johns, but whichever name you prefer, consider this your winter armor. This tight-knit, waffle weave fabric will protect your body from harsh wind and low temperatures. It will also help absorb and trap body heat to prevent the cold from getting to your sensitive skin.

Consider buying thermals in some advanced heat tech fabric as well. Much of this new technologically advanced clothing creates pockets that generate heat while also wicking moisture and sweat away from your skin. This helps prevent that uncomfortable feeling of being sweaty underneath your layers when it is too cold outside to remove a piece of clothing.

After you’ve picked your favorite thermals as a base layer, consider wearing a t-shirt or a long-sleeve shirt on top of that. Apparel made from cotton is very popular because it will keep you warm, but is also a very breathable material. If you prefer something more suited to athletic-wear, then select a blended-fabric shirt. Many brands sell athletic shirts in a variety of styles that are made with high-tech fabric specifically made for colder temperatures.

Winter Jacket

Get Yourself a Really Warm Winter Jacket

After you have properly layered your base clothing and your outfit, it is time to select the perfect winter coat. While different occasions call for different styles of coats, do not be left out in the cold wearing one that is too thin. No matter how fashionable it might look, there is nothing attractive about someone who is uncomfortable. Do not be that person. Look up the temperature in advance and dress appropriately.

If you are heading to a more formal event, consider wearing more bottom clothing layers, and all top layers like a scarf, hat, and gloves. This way, you can still wear your stylish pea coat without sacrificing your comfort and warmth. Speaking of pea coats, make sure you purchase one made with tighter-knit, good-quality wool. This tends to be a bit thicker and heavier but will be a blessing in the cold winter weather.

For times when a more casual look goes, know that not all fabrics are made equally and fluffier doesn’t always equal warmer. Look for jackets made with fleece that are well-lined, or packed with quality down and feathers. Another great option for the wintertime is a battery-packed heated jacket. If you haven’t tried one yet, it really is a life-changer.

These heated jackets literally generate heat while you are out in the cold. Many offer different levels of heat, leaving you feeling as comfortable as though you are indoors. These are several manufacturers of heated jackets, and many are made with wind resistant and water repellent fabric. This is to not only keep your body warm but to also prevent wind or melted snow and ice from ruining that cozy feeling.

If a full heated jacket is too expensive, consider getting a heated puff vest that you can wear on your torso underneath your coat. These vests work the same way as the coats. They generate heat using rechargeable battery packs.

Woman wearing scarf

Keep Your Extremities Warm with These Cool Accessories

Your extremities are often the first to be impacted by frost from freezing weather. It is vital that you protect your limbs and fingers in cold weather. Your fingers and toes are often the first spots that are affected by the cold. Make sure you keep them protected.

To warm your hands, wear gloves in blended fabrics made for cold weather or in thick naturally protective fabrics like suede and leather. Also, consider purchasing an electric handwarmer. Similar to the jackets and vests on this list, these hand warmers use a battery to generate heat and keep you toasty warm.

Cover your toes with a thick pair of socks. Select socks that are made for winter and in a quality fabric. Cotton is the most breathable, but not all cotton is equal. Select socks made from quality Turkish cotton if possible to keep your tootsies warm while wicking moisture away. Also, look for heated insoles to keep you feeling great even in the coldest of temperatures.

Don’t forget to cover your ears with a warm heated hat. Also, look for more advanced scarves like a Davani Battery Operated Heated Fleece Scarf which will warm up your whole body. These versatile scarves come with removable heating elements that convert into a pocket when not in use. With these tips, you are sure to stay warm this winter, and maybe even learn to love this snowy season.

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