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December 15, 2017 3 min read

Our homes are a very personal space, it’s where we spend most of our lives, where we go for comfort and relaxation. As such, our home belongings should be a reflection of ourselves and speak to our unique aesthetic. Linens, in particular, are an excellent blank canvas for us to personalize.

Many interior designers use personalized touches like monograms to add an air of sophistication and turn brand new spaces into homes. There is something timeless about this look, yet it is just one of the many ways that you can customize your linens. We’re going to show you several ways to add a personalized touch to your linens from towels to pillow cases, bed sheets, and duvet covers.

Learn the Basics of Monogramming

One of the most classic ways to add a personalized touch to your linens is through monogramming, which is a stylized motif featuring two to three letters of a person or couple’s initials. When selecting a monogram, it is important that you keep the colors and style consistent from your bedroom to your bathroom.

It used to be popular to include small monograms on bed sheet sets, now it is a more popular option to include a larger monogram on pillowcases and duvet covers. Shower curtains and hand towels are other trendy items to monogram in your bathroom. When it comes to thread color, ivory, gold, or light blue on white are very popular as well.

Monograms of married couples used to only be of the woman’s initials, but now times have changed. Today, it is typical to see married couples place the wife’s first initial on the left, the initial of the shared last name in the center, and the man’s first initial on the right.

It is recommended that you keep monogramming in the bedroom more simplistic and only select one or two elements of your bedding sets to be monogrammed. Consider mixing a larger font on a duvet cover with a smaller font on your pillows. Certain letters also look better in particular fonts, so much such you select one that keeps your specific monogram legible while still distinguished.

personalized quilt

Incorporate a Family Quilt into Your Décor

Throughout history, a family quilt was a cherished heirloom passed down from generation to generation. This work of art features sewed patches that tell a story and combine to represent the family unit. Consider incorporating a treasured family quilt into your décor for a truly personalized bedding set.

Speak with your grandparents and elders to see if your family already has a quilt, or try to recruit a talented relative to start one. If you already have one, anticipate costs for repairs, dry cleaning, and preservation. If you are considering starting a new quilt, make sure you consult with someone who has experience making one first.

Creating a family quilt takes much time and effort but it is a process that is sure to be worthwhile. Consider dispersing the work among family members and rotate ownership once the labor of love project concludes. Whichever path you choose, this unique quilt is sure to be a prized family possession and one that will personalize your space and make you feel at home.

Save Your Memories with Custom Photo Bedding

Photographs have a way of taking you back to a specific moment, a place, a feeling, or memory in time. Capture this treasured moment forever by having your favorite photo printed onto your bed sheets or blanket. Consider using a beautiful landscape with vibrant colors, or a romantic black and white image from your wedding.

There are many vendors that offer this service, choose a company with great reviews or consider going to a local printer with your own set of bed sheets. Select the option of printing images or custom patterns on your bed sheets, your pillowcases, duvet cover, or a throw blanket. Like with monogramming, less is more, so it is best to set one or two custom pieces.

Before uploading your images, make sure the theme and overall color matching your bedroom’s interior design. Also, ensure that you are working with high-resolution graphics, so you won’t be disappointed later with a pixelated item. This custom creation is sure to add a personalized touch to your home.

photo pillow

Make a Statement with Clever Sayings

Another way to incorporate a more personal touch with your linens is to select clever phrases or quotes and screen-print them onto towels, sheets, pillowcases, or tablecloths. To get inspired, peruse your local home goods store and you will see plenty of inspirational or witty sayings. Choose one that is most meaningful to you.

Consider emblazoning one statement piece with your favorite saying. This will even make for a fun do-it-yourself project. This bold design will clearly portray your personality through your linens and bedding.

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