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December 18, 2017 3 min read

Soon it’ll be 2018. The new year is an excellent time to get organized and clear out any clutter from the past. If you are quick to shove your linen closet door shut because you can’t face the mess lurking behind it, you are not alone. Linen closets are notorious for becoming large collections of missing socks, mismatched bed sheets, and a large heap of towels then eventually fall all over the place.

Rather than continuing to evade that dreaded space, now is the perfect time to tackle the mess head-on. The good news is that cleaning up your linen closets is one of the easiest organizational tasks to complete. Once you’re done, it will feel good to get the new year off to a fresh start. Here are some expert tips for organizing your linen closet:

Start Sorting from the Bottom of the Closet

The scariest part of a linen closet is what lies on the floor, buried underneath a shelf. This is where old rags, clothes, and who knows what else end up when they fall and are forgotten. This dreaded area is the best place to start sorting your belongings.

Separate items into three piles: one to keep, one to donate, and one to trash. Anything that is torn or damaged should immediately be placed in the trash. Consider donating items like old clothes or mismatched sets that are still in good condition to charity. Eliminate bed sheets and towels that you no longer use.

Decide What Items to Keep

Next, separate linens by type. Move towels away from tablecloths and napkins, and put away any out of season items, like beach towels or guest room linens, by placing them on a lower shelf or in the back of the closet. Consider also sorting items by room, leaving bathroom linens separate from bedroom linens.

Also, aim to keep sets like bed sheets together with their matching pillowcases. This will help when you need to search for an item later on. If short on space, use vacuum zipper packs and place bulkier items on the top shelves in your linen closet.

If you have any family heirloom quilts or antique linens, properly box or wrap them and also store them on a higher-level shelf. This will help protect your treasured linens, by keeping them out of other people’s hands.

boxes stacked

Assess Your Closet Space

Now that you’ve separated and sorted through your linens, you should have enough space to store the remaining belongings that didn’t get tossed or donated. Take stock of your space and decide the best spots to place your belongings.

Smaller items like shampoo, lotion, or extra soap can be easily tipped over if placed on shelves. Instead, use plastic boxes or wicker baskets. This also works well for small towels or tablecloths. Also, be sure to utilize the closet door space whenever possible. This can be an excellent spot to hang bathrobes. 

You Can Never Have Too Many Labels

When it comes to organizing, labels are your best friend. If you think you are overdoing it, you are probably labeling just the right amount. One of the best tips for organizing a linen closet is to label each shelf with its category. Consider a shelf for each bathroom or bedroom or one that focuses on product type like beach towels.

You might even want to color-code your labels. If you have a large family, consider using color-coded labels for each family member’s bed sheets and towels. This will ensure that kids do not fight over whose linen is whose.

Be certain not to overstuff each shelf. Leave enough room for freshly laundered or newly purchased items. A good measure if to make sure you can move your hand in and out of the shelves easily without any linens touching your knuckles. If you pass this test, your linen closet is already starting to be much more organized.


Be Mindful of How You Fold Your Linens

There are many YouTube videos out there that can teach you the proper method for folding bed sheets and linens. Watch them and take notice of how you fold your linens. This will determine whether or not they will fit on the shelves in your newly organized linen closet. It will also make it easier to take items in and out of the closet.

Then arrange your neatly sorted items into properly folded stacks on their designation, labeled shelves. Trust me, this small difference will leave a huge impact. Hopefully, after following these tips, you will no longer fear to go in your linen closet in the new year.

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