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January 02, 2018 4 min read

On New Year’s Eve, Jessica Alba was doing more than just celebrating a new year, she was celebrating the new birth of her third child. The star and her husband, Cash Warren, welcomed a new baby boy into the world. Keeping with their tradition of giving their children names that begin with the letter H, their new son is named Hayes Alba Warren.

Jessica just posted a photo of her new son to Instagram with the caption "Cash and I feel so blessed. Haven and Honor are already obsessed with their new baby bro. 👶🏽💙 #familyof5." Her husband, Warren also took to Instagram and told his new son that he sure knows how to ring in the new year. The couple already has two daughters: Honor, who is 10 years old and Haven, who is six. See the photo below for a peek at their new baby boy.

Jessica Alba's baby

Jessica Alba is one of those celebrities who seems so down to earth. She’s relatable, a mother and a hard-working entrepreneur. Like most moms these days, she even kept working throughout her pregnancy. To celebrate Jessica and new moms everywhere, we’ve put together a baby gift guide. Here are the 10 gifts we’d give to Jessica Alba to celebrate the birth of her new son. If you recently gave birth or know someone who has, we promise these gifts are also fit for the starring women and newborns in your life.

A Stroller Fit for a Queen

A lightweight and functional stroller can truly be a blessing for a new mom. There is no better or well-known stroller for celebrity moms than a Bugaboo. It is so durable, easily folded, and will last many years. Its strong grips and wheels can withstand even the toughest terrain, making it well worth its high cost.

Cozy Matching Socks for Mom & Baby

Being pregnant and giving birth is a wonderful joy but also an enormous strain on a woman’s body, particularly when on your feet most of the day. Just because Jessica Alba is a celebrity doesn’t make this any different. New moms will have their hands full, and being comfortable and relaxed is key to being able to tackle anything thrown their way.

Especially for working moms like Jessica, a luxurious pair of thick socks can ease away any discomfort. Don’t look for just any ordinary socks, we’re talking about luxury socks made from quality 100% Turkish cotton. For an added dose of cuteness, we’d throw in a matching mini-me pair of socks for the new baby.

New Mamas Need a Mamaroo

Babies love the feeling of being in a swinging infant seat. This Mamaroo seat is the ultimate gift, sure to bring a smile to any infant’s face. It not only sways and bounces in multiple directions but it even mimics a mother’s embrace. It gives moms like Jessica Alba a much-needed break from swaddling your newborn 24/7. Its built-in sounds and iPhone connection also make it high-tech enough for you to truly customize your child’s experience.


Cheeky Baby Bottles

We know Jessica Alba has a great sense of humor, which is why Baby Brezza’s baby bottles are perfect for her. With funny sayings like “drink responsibly” and “bottoms up,” nursing is sure to be a breeze.

The Snoo Will Help Moms and Babies Sleep Easy

Much like the Bugaboo stroller, the Snoo bassinet is the Rolls Royce of bassinets. It will ensure that both mom and baby get a blissful night’s sleep. Created by Dr. Harvey Karp, the Snoo features a mattress that swings, swaddles, and produces white noise to lull babies to sleep. It even has microphones that can detect when a baby wakes up and uses a range of sound and motion to help ease the baby back to sleep just like a mother would.

Personalized Baby Blankets and Bed Sheets

One of the first possessions most people have is their baby blanket. It’s a source of comfort, security, and warmth. To welcome baby Hayes, we’d get the softest microfiber blanket and monogram it with his initials. We’d also select the finest Sateen bed sheets, perfect for the wintertime, and monogram those as well for a delightful set to last them many years.

Keep it Humid Even in the Winter

To keep the air ideal for a newborn, its best to have it a bit more humid than usual. A cool mist humidifier is a perfect addition to any nursery. Especially during cold winter months, it is essential to keeping your little one happy and breathing easy.

A Spa-Worthy Gift of Relaxation

Being a new mom means that there are many sleepless nights ahead of you, answering the cries of your new little bundle of joy. Taking time to relax and maintain your own mental well-being will help you stay alert and better care for the little one.

A spa gift basket filled with scented organic bath products, along with caffeine-free tea, luxe candles, and a plush bathrobe is the perfect gift. This will ensure that new moms are caring for themselves in addition to their loved ones.

Comfortable Pillows for Much-Needed Support

Backaches are common after giving birth, so supportive pillows are an essential gift for new moms. Memory foam pillows are best to provide just the right amount of firmness and comfort. Consider unique L or U-shaped pillows that can be used by moms and babies alike.

Keep Connected with a Video Monitor

Mothers and their children have a special bond. Keep this connection strong with the latest video monitor. The newest model from Summer Infant packs a panoramic, HD camera that remotely pans and zooms. It is just the high-tech item needed for new mothers everywhere.

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