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December 06, 2017 4 min read

Many women reserve pedicures for the warmer, summer months only, but they are missing out. There is something very luxurious about treating yourself to an at-home pedicure during the winter holidays. This is the busiest time of year for parties and family gatherings, so why not look and feel your best?

There is nothing better than slipping your neatly pedicured, smooth feet into a pair of warm socks made from the finest Turkish fabric after a busy day. Even if your feet remain covered throughout the season, the secret of having baby soft tootsies underneath all those layers is certainly something to smile about.

Many nail technicians and men agree that having well-groomed feet is a sign of a woman who takes good care of herself, takes pride in her appearance, and moves with confidence. Luckily, you don’t need to shell out lots of money each time you want to maintain beautifully soft feet all year-round. We’re going to show you how to achieve a professional-grade pedicure at home with these simple steps: prep, soak, scrub, moisturize, and paint nails.

To Get a Professional Pedicure at-Home You Need the Proper Tools

For an excellent pedicure that will leave your feet free of tension and smooth as can be, here are the tools that you need: nail polish remover, cuticle cream, a soft towel, luxurious socks, cotton balls or pads, your favorite body moisturizer, a file, a nail scrubber, pumice stone, cuticle pusher, nail clippers, a decadent foot scrub, bath salts or body wash, and a tub filled with warm water.

Try to pick up your tools from a professional beauty supply store to ensure the best quality pedicure as possible. Also, follow any product labels and instructions to get the most out of your purchases. After shopping, start your holiday pedicure by getting in a relaxing state of mind with meditative music. You are now one step closer to beautiful feet.

painting nails

Preparation is Key to a Great Holiday Pedicure

It is important that you properly prep your feet for your pedicure. Begin by removing traces of any old nail polish with nail polish remover on a cotton ball or pad. Then cut your toenails straight with a nail clipper. Make sure you do not cut too close to the skin or you risk getting ingrown nails.

Next, grab your nail file and shave down your nails into your desired shape. Square is a popular choice for a pedicure, but oval, pointed or rounded are available other nail shape options. When filing your nails, be sure to file only in one direction. Running a file back and forth will weaken your nails, so resist doing so.

Soak your Feet and Relax

Fill a basin or tub with enough warm water so your ankles will be fully submerged. Add bath salts, oils, or a little bit of a scented body wash to add an aromatic element to your relaxing pedicure just as they would in a spa. For an even better experience, also add some Epson salt to reduce callouses, naturally, exfoliate, and soften your feet. The juice of a lemon can also be added to further exfoliate and soothe your feet.

Another professional tip is to add soft rocks at the bottom of the basin or tub. This will attract and capture the heat, and act as massaging stones for your feet. Let your feet soak for 20-30 minutes, but do not exceed 1 hour. Then dry your feet off with a fluffy towel.

It’s Time to Scrub and Moisturize

Next, massage cuticle remover cream onto your toenail’s base to eliminate dead skin. Use a pumice stone or a foot file to remove any dry or dead skin on your feet. Because we are on our feet so much throughout the day, the skin of the base of our feet is particularly susceptible to cracked, rough skin.

Then use your cuticle pusher to remove the cuticles. Cutting cuticles can lead to infections and is not recommended. By removing cuticles, you are promoting faster and healthier nail growth. Next, scrub your toenails and again wipe your feet with a towel. Use the body scrub to exfoliate, and scrub each of your feet from toe-to-heel.

If you have many callouses on your feet, apply paraffin wax to your heels with cellophane wrap, or lather moisturizer generously on your feet and cover them with plush socks. Leave on overnight. In the morning, you should awaken to much softer feet. Continue doing this at least once a week to keep your feet baby soft.

nail polish

If You Like a Pop of Color, Now is the Time to Paint Your Nails

This final step is optional. It is perfectly natural for both men and women to enjoy pedicures without nail polish. However, if you enjoy following nail trends or finding a polish that meets your preferences, you can apply normal nail polish at this point.

First, paint your nails with a clear base coat. Then select your preferred nail polish color. With the holidays right around the corner, some popular colors include burgundy, deep purples, mauves, browns, tans, and grays. These darker shades are sure to fit right in with the holidays. Paint two coats of the selected polish over your toenails, then add a top coat.

You’ve now completed your first at-home pedicure. Congratulations! Let your nails fully dry, by waiting at least a half hour. Consider using a UV-lamp to further cure your polish. Then slip into a pair of comfortable socks and enjoy some relaxation this holiday season.

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