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November 30, 2017 3 min read

The air outside is brisker, Thanksgiving has past and cold weather is on its way. This means the holidays are almost here. It also means we have entered prime holiday shopping season.

A common struggle during this holiday season is knowing what to get a loved one, friend, or relative. If you know someone who deserves to be pampered, or already is a nut when it comes to health and fitness, consider getting them a wellness gift.

These gifts are not only great for the health-obsessed but perfect for nearly anyone. After all, everyone has a body and mind to care for, and while you can buy a lot of things, you can never put a price on your health. To help you along during this shopping season, we’ve put together the ultimate holiday wellness wish list.


Gift Them a Wellness Experience

Millennials are increasingly asking for experiences in lieu of physical gifts. Consider gifting a loved one a wellness experience they won’t forget this holiday season.

This could be a fitness class series or personal training sessions. A gift for ClassPass is a great option for someone who lives in the center of a metropolitan area and would allow them to attend numerous boutique fitness classes in their area.

Another great option is sessions at a meditation center. Who doesn’t need more rest and relaxation in their life? Let your gift recipient schedule time for themselves to get more centered and gain clarity in their life.

A spa gift certificate is an indulgent experience that can be given to both men and women. Consider a SpaFinder gift certificate to let the gift recipient choose to use it at their preferred nearby spa location.

Customize a Gift Basket Filled with Coziness

The more personalized the gift, the more meaningful it often is to its recipient. This holiday, consider putting together a gift basket filled with wellness items meant for relaxation and comfort.

Include a pair of comfortable, cozy winter socks, a fluffy bathrobe, lush hand towels, or candles. If your gift recipient is a known health enthusiast with a vitamin routine, consider including some key essential nutrients that ease stress and promote overall wellness.

Engage Their Senses with Aromatic Scents

Oils and aromatherapy diffusers make excellent gifts. Many companies even offer advent calendars filled with multiple days’ worth of scents. Often only one bottle of oil is enough, it only takes about 10-20 drops to infuse a typical one-bedroom apartment.

When selecting a diffuser look for an item that is easy to clean and takes up minimal space. Roll on scented oils is another option that is readily available in beauty stores. 

Give a Gift that Promotes Healthy Cooking

Another great wellness gift is a subscription to healthy cooked meals like Sakara Life. This service offers organic, chef-prepared meals that are freshly made and ready to be eaten once they are delivered.

If your gift recipient loves to cook, consider purchasing a healthy cookbook like The Yoga Kitchen by Kimberley Parsons or Live to Eat by Michael Psilakis. These recipes are sure you get any foodie excited about these delicious and healthy meals.

Enhance Their Yoga Practice

Yoga is one of the most loved wellness and fitness practices. While there are many yoga mats available, Gaiam’s are always the best quality mats. Get the yogi you know one that is lightweight but well-cushioned.

A customized carrying bag is a wonderful complement to a new yoga mat. Purchase one and have it embroidered with your gift recipient’s name for a personalized touch.

Offer Them Healthy Reading Material

Health trends are changing more rapidly than ever. Ensure that your gift recipient is up-to-date on the latest wellness happenings by getting them a gift subscription to a healthy magazine.

This affordable gift will be a great monthly reminder of how much you care for them. There are many wellness magazine subscriptions available. Think about their favorite fitness activities, food preferences, and wellness outlook when selecting a magazine.

Gift a Perfect’s Night Rest

Sleep is a major component of wellness and the ultimate version of relaxation. Consider purchasing luxe bed sheets and comforters to ensure your loved one a perfect night’s rest. Memory foam or water pillows are another excellent options for a blissful sleep.

If you have a larger budget, a mattress or mattress pad is a truly wonderful gift that they will remember for a lifetime.


Help Them Cleanse

Drink cleanses are an extremely popular detox option these days. They come in several natural flavor combinations and offer different benefits. Some are intended for losing weight while others promote a better sleep. Companies like Dirty Lemon and Blueprint are some of the most popular drink cleanses available.

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