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December 01, 2017 3 min read

One of the best holiday gifts you can give is a plush, cozy bathrobe. It is a great item that allows you to lounge around after a hot shower and truly pamper yourself. There is no better time to enjoy a fluffy, warm robe than during the wintertime.

The cold weather outdoors is the perfect time to hibernate inside and stay warm with a cozy robe. When purchasing a bathrobe, there are many styles and fabrics to choose from. You want a robe that is so comfortable, you’ll channel Hugh Hefner and never want to take it off.

Why Bathrobes are So Popular

While comfortable pajamas are nice, there is nothing quite as luxurious as throwing on a plush bathrobe. Consider it the closest you’ll ever get to your apparel showing you some love with a warm hug. Enjoy the full indulgence experience of a luxury bathrobe by turning up the fireplace, and curling up to a movie or book while sipping on some freshly made hot cocoa.

Bathrobes are so popular and chic that fashion designers have even tried to make it acceptable to wear them outdoors. Diane von Furstenberg, Jil Sander, and many others have sent models down the runway in robes made to be used as outerwear. Many even look very fashionable. Although, I still choose to wear my bathrobes exclusively indoors.

For those of you who left your bathroom wearing days behind you in hotels that provide them, you are seriously missing out. Bring some of that vacation spirit home and invest in your own. Don’t rush to buy just any robe, explore the different options, so you can customize your purchase to your preferences.

bathrobes hanging

The History of the Bathrobe

Throughout centuries, robes have been used for various purposes. In the Chinese empire, silk and embroidered robes were frequently worn by affluent women as a symbol of prosperity. In Japan, robes were popularized as beautiful silk kimonos with large, A-line sleeves. These intricate robes inspired more lingerie-style robes that are seen today.

Robes are also a frequently seen attire in religious houses of worship, with monks and priests wearing them regularly. This religious garb is often referred to as cassocks within the Roman Catholic Church.

In French, the word robe means a women’s dress, so it is no wonder that women love robes so much. Don’t worry, despite this translation, robes today are unisex and meant just as much for men as they are for women. Just make sure you are ordering an appropriate size.

Today, the majority of popular robes are used after a hot shower or before bedtime, these are what we refer to as bathrobes. They are available in a variety of fabrics from Egyptian cotton to microfiber to terry cloth and waffle weave fabrics.

Popular Fabrics for Bathrobes

Terry cloth bathrobes are one of the most popular types of robes for both men and women. These robes are easy to care for and can be thrown into the washing machine. Terry cloth is designed using multiple needle stitches and is extremely absorbent which makes it the perfect robe to wrap yourself in after a hot shower.

Cheaper versions are made from polyester fabric, but more luxurious versions like the ones you’ll find from Oko Boutique are made from 100% Egyptian cotton. This is the finest cotton that money can buy. You might not be able to see the difference online, but trust me, your skin will be able to feel it in-person.

Another popular option is the waffle weave robe. These types of robes are extremely absorbent, dry quickly, and are often seen in luxury hotels and spas. They feature fabric with a unique waffled texture that wicks water away from your skin. Like terry cloth robes, the finest waffle weave robes are also made from 100% Egyptian cotton. These robes tend to be lighter in weight than terry cloth but feature a finely threaded fabric.

waffle fabric

How to Select a Quality Robe

While the fabric selection is important, the real key to any well-made bathrobe is the length of the thread loops or its staple length. This determines its water absorption level. The longer the staple length, the higher quality bathrobe.

Fabric weight is another factor to consider when looking to purchase a quality bathrobe. Given that this time of year, you are shopping for a warm winter bathrobe, look for a heavier weight fabric. Ideally, you want a fabric that is the right weight to be durable and absorbent.

Also, consider using a soft bathrobe for the summertime by the pool or after the spa to allow your skin to fully absorb emollients and essential oils. Whether buying for yourself or a friend, a bathrobe is a luxurious gift that leaves you with lasting relaxation and comfort.

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