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December 08, 2017 3 min read

When traveling abroad it can be particularly difficult to adjust to the different time zone and get a good night’s sleep. A comfortable bed is a key to resting well while traveling. Hospitality surveys show that a quality bed often ranks highly in importance among both business and leisure travelers.

Certain hotel chains are known for having the most comfortable beds and sheets. These beds will lure you into a blissful sleep and make you feel at home while away. Some of these hotels are so well known for their beds, they even sell their mattresses to guests.

We’ve traveled extensively and have done the research so you don’t have to. Here’s a list of hotels with the best beds for a perfect slumber. These beds will ensure that you rest well and wake up energized and ready to conquer your days away from home.

girl sleeping

Westin was the First Chain to Create a Signature Bed

When thinking about hotels with the best beds, Westin is the first that comes to mind. In 1999, the hotel chain partnered exclusively with mattress company Simmons to create their signature bed. Their bed is so popular, it has stood up to the test of time and is still just as popular today as it was over a decade ago.

The secret to their bed’s success is its thirteen-inch pillow topper. They also exclusively use 250-thread count sheets. Consider purchasing similar luxury Egyptian cotton sheets if you’d like to replicate this feel at-home.

Another feature of this popular bed is the numerous pillows piled on top of it. Each bed has a boudoir pillow, two hypoallergenic pillows and two pillows filled with feather and down. On top of all of this is a warm down blanket with a fluffy duvet cover.

The W Adds an Extra Touch of Luxury to this Signature Bed

The Westin’s upscale sister hotel chain, the W, also has a great reputation for providing guests with a blissful night of sleep while traveling. Their bed is said to be so comfortable that guests prefer to stay there all day long, earning its nickname the “do not disturb mattress.”

Their beds also feature a thirteen-inch thick pillow top mattress. To add even more luxury, the W beds include cashmere blankets and several down and feather pillows for added comfort. Create this same effect at home by placing a cashmere throw on top of your bed.

feet in bed

Visit the Four Seasons for a Luxurious Sleep

The Four Seasons offers one of the most luxurious beds that can be found at a hotel. Upon check-in at this luxury hotel, you will be prompted to select a mattress topper for your customized bed. Your choices include a firm, supportive topper, an extra soft option, and their signature standard topper.

If you’d like to recreate the Four Seasons bedding experience at home, you need a mattress with a foam core and premium bed sheets. Their foam core mattress helps wick away sweat as you sleep, keeping your body cool. It also helps absorb shock from motions so you do not disturb your partner while sleeping.

Unwind in the Marriott Bed

The Marriott prides itself on its comfortable bed that is a foot high. It is composed of a nine-inch box spring with a foam mattress made to minimize movements. Similar to other hotels on this list, the Marriott Bed features four down and feather pillows and a white duvet cover.

It promises to be one of the best rests of your life. This bed is easy to replicate at home. Simply look for bed sheets with a high thread count and striped white sateen sheets. Rather than purchasing a coil-based mattress, consider a foam one but place atop a thick box spring like the Marriott.

Revel in a Sleep Number Bed at the Radisson

The Radisson boasts a collection of Sleep Number beds within premium, select rooms of their hotels. This unique and expensive bed, allows you and your partner to select the level of support and firmness that you prefer. While the bed looks seamless, each side can actually be controlled separated, so each partner can dial in their preferred “sleep number.”

This makes the Radisson an excellent choice for couples who travel together often, particularly when one likes a soft bed and the other prefers a firmer mattress. The Sleep Number bed can be purchased online if you’d like to bring this level of customization and comfort to your own hotel. If you can’t afford such a luxury at this time, consider purchasing crisp, white bed sheets instead to bring that hotel feel into your home.

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