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December 22, 2017 3 min read

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom in the new year, take some time to check out the latest bathroom design trends for 2018 before you begin. Bathrooms are no longer just a place for hygiene and bodily necessities, they are now as a space for relaxation and self-care. As people continue to place increasing value on wellness, bathroom design has evolved.

Granite countertops, monochromatic white or black bathrooms, and small powder rooms are out. Spacious bathrooms with spa-inspired natural elements, bold accent colors, and wood floor tiling are in. We’ve sorted through a lot of Pinterest boards, and newly designed bathroom photos to bring you this guide to the hottest bathroom design trends for 2018:

A Spacious Blissful Bathroom is On-Trend

Since people are now spending more time in their bathrooms, it only makes sense that the average bathroom size would increase as well. In 2018, bathrooms will continue to grow in size to allow for relaxation and comfort. More and more homeowners are already knocking down walls to expand their bathrooms.

If increasing the size of your bathroom just is not possible, consider utilizing mirrors or playing with scale to achieve the same look. Purchasing larger tiles creates the illusion of a larger space. Mirrors also have a way of extending a space. If you live in a warmer climate, consider opening up your bathroom to outdoor space. Even adding a larger window can make a room appear significantly larger.

Bathtubs Become the Focus

In past years, the shower was being reinvented with a variety of new technology and styles. It has remained the focus of bathrooms for several years, but that is changing. As more people want to stay home and live the hygge lifestyle, the bathtub has slowly become the new focus.

One of the largest trends for 2018 is the range of freestanding tubs. Whether made from marble, ceramic, or stone, these tubs are extremely popular for their spa-like design. Available in a variety of shapes from square to oval or perfectly round, the freestanding tub will be the star of many bathrooms in the new year.

colorful towels

Bold Colors and Patterns Will Thrive in 2018

All white bathrooms are no longer on trend for 2018. Patterned porcelain tiles, wallpaper and outlined, asymmetrically shaped tiles are favored in the latest bathroom designs. Whether on flooring or an accent wall, bold colors like orange and blue, and patterns are king.

Another way this trend will be incorporated into new bathroom designs is through colorful and patterned bath mats and cotton towels as well. This is an excellent way to be on-trend without a level of commitment that might leave you renovating your bathroom again in the near future.

Accent walls will be extremely popular in 2018 and a defining characteristic of modern bathrooms. Bold patterns and colors are an excellent way for homeowners to personalize their space and let their creativity shine. Another method that will be seen with accent walls is the use of texture and materials. Natural stone or tiles in a unique shape will be used to highlight a focal area of the space.

natural bathroom

Natural Elements Continue to Be Big in the New Year

Wooden bathroom touches are a major trend in the new year. Imitation wooden tiles and specially treated, covered wood is one of the most popular bathroom flooring items being requested already. Wood printed wallpaper is another element being seen more frequently as people look for clever ways to bring nature indoors and into their bathrooms.

Bringing in other natural elements like plants is a trend in the new year. Many are even putting floor plants in their showers or hanging plants as a focal point in the bathroom. Natural stone and quartz are other popular options for bringing nature indoors.

Opening up external walls to incorporate outdoor space into indoor bathrooms is another current trend being seen in tropical climates and high-end resorts. Rather than trying to imitate the outdoors when not actually design your space to include it?

Technology Takes Over

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and its impacting bathroom design. Many are switching from standard lighting to more advanced LED lights, even incorporating Philips Hue bulbs that can remotely change colors. Valves with motion detectors and temperature regulators are also popular requests for bathroom renovations.

Radiant floor heating has now become a standard in modern bathrooms, and touchscreen mirrors with built-in screens are also trending. Heated towel racks and towel dryers are also gaining in popularity for 2018. Automated and remote solutions for toilet bowls, room temperature, and more are also a big part of this technology take over trend.

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