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How One Pair of Socks Led to a Movement That Helped 350,000 Homeless People
How One Pair of #Socks Led to a Movement That Helped 350,000 Homeless People
When a college student took the time to listen to a homeless man, she's started a revolution that even celebrities have supported.
A few years ago, Adina Lichtman was handing out sandwiches on the streets of New York City to help people experiencing homelessness. One man, grateful for the sandwich, approached her and offered some surprising insight.
“It’s great that you’re giving out sandwiches,” he said, “but one thing we really need is socks, especially as winter approaches.”
“Here I was, sandwiches in hand, assuming I knew the best way to help people, when in reality, helping is about listening, and hearing the needs of different communities,” Lichtman said. “It was a powerful lesson, and I wanted to put it into action.”

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Why bamboo socks
People sometimes wonder why those who try our bamboo socks often refuse to wear anything else but our great bamboo socks afterwards. There are many reasons why people fall in love with our bamboo socks, not least because they are genuinely better...

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Getting Hitched? These are the Wedding Shower Gifts You Need on Your Registry

If you’ve recently gotten engaged, you know the wave of wedding planning responsibilities can hit you hard. Many brides say they are often more stressed about the side events like wedding showers than the actual big day. Whether you are having a surprise shower or planning one yourself, you still need to create a wedding registry.

To make your life easier, we’ve come up with a list of the best wedding shower gifts out there for you to add to your registry. Some are unique and trendy while others are essential and traditional. Check out the full list here.

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Unbelievable Celebrity Homes that You Can Rent

Imagine being under your bed sheets at night knowing that you are sleeping in the same room that one of your favorite celebrities slept in as well. How about swimming in a pool that once hosted some of Hollywood’s hottest stars during its golden age? For those who have the funds, this can all be a reality.

There are several luxurious celebrity homes that have hit the rental market this year. Find out which of your favorite celebrities are renting their properties. Scope them out and either gain more imagery for your fantasy or rent them and live out your dreams.

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These Celebrity Pets Have More Social Media Followers Than You Do

Celebrities care for their pets just like we do. Many celebrities rescue them from shelters and give her pets lives that even people would be envious of. More and more stars are sharing their pets’ memories and personalities with us on Twitter and Instagram. These pets’ accounts are sometimes even as popular as their celebrity parents.

Check out the best celebrity pet social media accounts to follow, and find out why these adorable animals are so treasured by their famous owners. You might even see some special photos of your favorite celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Victoria Beckham, and Andy Cohen snuggling up with their pets. We’ll also give you some first steps toward creating an account for your pet too.

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