Four Men’s Socks Types, Designed To Match Individual Lifestyle

If you are looking for men socks, you need to know that there are no fixed patterns that are fashionable more than others, you have a choice of anything you can imagine and some shops are even offering you to customize your favorite pair online.

We are here to show you some of the top four types for men:

No Show / Invisible

If you are wearing loafers or any kind of shoes, where you do not want yours to show, no show nude color socks will be your choice. Most of these invisible socks are comfortable and come with silicone heel to prevent slipping and sliding. Wearing no show socks will help your feet to stay dry and aerated.

Based on the reviews, many professional business men saying that no shows even work well with formal clothing they wear in the office. Most of these reviews mention that if you are wearing the wrong type of shoes and suit with no show socks, it might look a little weird, but otherwise if you have a good taste in clothing, you are fine and you will have no problems finding the right attire for these invisibles. If your shoes are extra tight, which is unnecessary, or extra lose, it may work against your comfort and might even hurt if you are wearing it with no shows. So try your outfit before making a decision to keep it with shoes that match your clothing and your character.

On the other hand, GQ magazine showcasing these invisible, naked ankle socks with just about everything imaginable, but when you are trying to mix and match yourself, it’s not always the case.

Ankle length sport socks for athletes

Many think of ankle length the same as no show, but that’s not the case. No show socks are below your ankle and usually are not visible, when ankles are slightly above your ankle, covering it. These are designed to protect ankles from rubbing against sneakers surface to prevent blisters and general skin damage, while performing sport activities. Sport ones are not fashion accessories. Generally ankle socks are designed for sports and not to wear with your business attire. Sports are designed strictly for gym, running tracks, boxing, golf and other sports. Most of the sports are not just simple cotton or bamboo, it’s normally includes a great deal of other materials for better cushion so that your feet remain in proper environment while performing sports. Some are compression socks, designed for certain sports, some socks are designed for running and only running, where others are created for gym workouts only.

Mid-Calf Socks

Mid calf or crews are the ones most commonly used every day by men and women. These socks are perfect match with boots, dress shoes, sneakers and loafers. It’s usually low thickness and that makes it comfortable to wear with any kind of shoes.

Over the Calf (OTC) or Knee High Socks

Knee highs are usually worn by people with blood circulation problems. These socks are designed to hug your feet and lower part of the leg so that it does not get swollen. Some people prefer even copper infused compression OTCs for even more pressure around the foot and leg. These are usually prescribed by a doctor. Others prefer OTC socks while traveling on the long flights, to prevent swollen feet and legs. People with diabetes are usually wearing OTCs. If you have any kind of problems with your blood circulation in the legs or build up fluid in your feet and legs, OTCs will be the best for you.

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