Difference Between Comb and Mercerized Cotton Sock

While combed cotton is used for many things, not all of it is as high-quality as you might expect. Almost 99% of the imports into the United States come from China, where second harvest combed cotton is used. This is the cheapest and least durable cotton and makes for socks that won’t last.

On the other hand, mercerized cotton is created to offer the quality you want in all your socks. The fibers can absorb more dye for deeper colors in your socks. The socks are also made to be smoother, softer, and stronger than comb cotton socks, which are the most common on the market.

How to Make Comfortable Socks Last Longer

Want to keep your socks looking great and feeling comfy longer? For the most comfortable women’s socks, there isn’t a lot to the care of them. You want to use a washing machine for cleaning with mild detergent and cold water. Do what you can to avoid letting sharp objects get in contact with the socks. You should also wash your socks inside out for the best results.

What Makes OEKO TEX Comfortable Socks Better

When socks are OEKO-Tex certified, that means something. The socks use high-quality materials and are processed without the use of harmful products. When you want the most comfortable men’s socks on the market and you want them to be made right, this is what you are looking for.

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